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NOTE!!! We are no longer selling Bees or Queens to the public. We love our industry and would be happy to help any beekeeper, no matter how small or large their operation may be. Please feel free to contact us. We would be happy to share our experience with you.

Although we are no longer providing our Bees and Queens to the public, we would be happy to help you with any questions that you may have about bee keeping. Please click on the "Contact Us" link. There is no such thing as a silly question.

Queens Via U.S. Postal Service

Queens shipped Priority 3 day with insurance can only be shipped on Mondays and Tuesdays and only when the temps and weather outside are mild. For most of the year, we will only ship USPS Express (next day or second day) to ensure safe arrival of the queens.

S&H USPS Priority 3 day =

$ 19.50 for 1-100 queens 

$ 26.00 for 101-200 queens

$ 112.00 for 500 queens

S&H USPS Express (next day or second day) =

$ 28.00 for 1-20 queens

20+ please contact us for rates

Queen Cells (UPS Overnight Only)

Cells are shipped via UPS Overnight air only....

Please contact us for pricing and order requirements.

Queens Via UPS Overnight Air

All queens shipped via UPS Overnight Air are shipped Monday-Thursday. 

PLEASE NOTE: UPS will NOT guaranty live delivery!!!  So even though this is a very fast method of shipping, we can not insure them.


Ship Dates

Russell Italians - Begin shipping in mid-late March.  Weather permitting... 

Carniolans - Begin Shipping in early-mid April.  Weather permitting...

English Buckfast - Begin Shipping in early-mid April. Weather permitting...

SunKist - Begin Shipping in early mid March.  Weather permitting...

SunKist Cordovans - Begin Shipping in early-mid April.  Weather permitting... (Note: SunKist Cordovans book up VERY EARLY... the later the order, the later the ship date will be.)

Russell Italian Cordovan - Begin shipping early - mid April.  Weather permitting... (Note: Italian Cordovans book up VERY EARLY... the later the order, the later the ship date will be.)

AMMs - Begin shipping late April.  Weather permitting... (Note: Limited supply)

Caucasians - Begin Shipping mid-late May... Weather permitting... (Note: Limited supply)

MoonBeams - Begin Shipping mid-late May... Weather permitting... (Note: Limited supply)

Russian Italian Hybrids - Begin Shipping mid-late April.  Weather permitting...


All breeds are produced until early October each year... Prices may increase as the season progresses and the cost to produce them rises.


All ship dates are tentative... When you place an order, we ask you to enter a "preferred ship date"... This is not a guaranteed ship date, but we do our very best to stick to that date... There is no need to verify if that date is acceptible or not... if we do not contact you about adjusting your date, then we are attempting to meet the requested date and are already working on making it happen to the best of our ability. When ordering queens After Feb 10th, please understand that our schedules are most likely already booked... There may be at least a 45 day period between your order date and a possible ship date... We try to contact people that request dates that are too soon to be possible, but in some cases this may not be possible as well (ie. an order placed on 03-25 and requested ship date of 03-26)... In these cases, we strive to reach the customer as soon as we can to discuss a more feasible ship date.

Marking & Clipping - We will mark queens at no charge upon your request. However, this service is not guaranteed because we cage very many queens each day and when the weather is too hot or to wet, the marking paint can cause damage to the queens.  We do not charge for the service at all and feel that it is far more important to get you healthy queens. We do NOT clip any production queens. Breeders can be marked with numbered disks and clipped upon request. With breeders these services are also free, but are guaranteed as part of the product.


Paypal - We currently use Paypal to process all electronic transactions... This does not mean that you must have a Paypal account in order to pay... After clicking on the "Pay with Paypal button on the shopping cart, you will be taken to a secure page where you can chose to pay with a paypal account or any credit/debit card that you wish...


Confirmations - Confirmation emails are generated automatically as a paypal feature. They should appear in your email soon after you place an order... You must enter your email address correctly during the checkout process so that the email confirmation/receipt will make it to the right place... Some email accounts filter automatically generated emails into the spam/bulk/junk mail folders... If you place an order and do not see your confirmation/receipt within 24hrs, please check your spam/bulk/junk folders for that email... If you feel that you may have made an error in entering your email address during the check out process because you have not received a confirmation/receipt email, please email us for a copy of the transaction.


When ordering Queens and Cells, please understand that it could take 45 days or more from the date that you order to the date that we ship... This is not always the case, most of the time it takes much less, but sometimes it takes a bit more... This is just the nature of the business... People begin ordering in early fall for spring queens, in winter for summer queens, and in spring for fall queens... We do our best to schedule as best we can, but like every form of farming, we are at the mercy of the weather and many, many other variables... We do NOT bank our queens... There are no stock-rooms full of queens that can simply be shipped out at anytime... every step of the process requires good weather and the time for a skilled professional to do his/her job well. 

Please note the availability dates of your queens... In cases where you order a strain that is available in March or April and you have also ordered a strain that is not available until May, we may assume that you intend to receive two shipments and thus we may ship your March or April queens first and then ship your May queens when they come available... In that event, you will be contacted for the cost of the second shipment, but if you would like your queens shipped together (most do), please let us know and we will gladly adjust the schedule for you.   

We will do our very best to send emails about a week in advance before each ship date... This is to make sure that you and your weather are ready... 


We STRONGLY SUGGEST that you contact your post office in person when we ship your queens... Give them your best contact numbers and request that they call you IMMEDIATELY when your queens reach the post office, so that you can go pick them up from there.... 

Although your queens can live in the cages for quite some time, we certainly suggest that you use them as soon as you possibly can.

Never attempt to feed them through the screen... wetting your finger with tap water and making one stroke along the screen will provide them water... this may be done once or twice per day for emegencies where you can not use them immediately. But is not a suggested method of care. The best thing for the queens is to go into a queenless/cell-less hive immediately.

Although we make every effort to ensure your queens have a safe trip, there is no way that we can warranty them once they leave our hands... we do purchase insurance from the post office for each USPS shipment, so inspect your queens while you are still at the post office... and if they arrive dead, you can fill out the postal service insurance request form that your postmaster can provide you.  We have had very few arrive dead in our many, many years of shipping queens.


Producing quality queens requires many resources, labor, time, and finances.  Cancellation request may be made, but we retain the right to refuse to cancel any order at any time and for any reason.  Again, once an order is placed, the company makes many investments of resources, labor, time, and finances, so cancellations will only be considered at our full descretion.  Filing a dispute with your credit card company or with Paypal will add fees to your charges and only hinders the ability of both parties to reach an agreement.  You are responsible for all fees and damages incurred by filing such claims.  It is a Crime to file false claims with your financial institution in an attempt to receive a return of your payment after receiving your merchandise.  These types of scams had posed a serious threat to commerce as electronic payments had become more common.  The FBI, Financial Institutions, and Businesses in all industries have worked very diligently to create harsh punishments for this type of fraud and to quicken the process of charging and arresting the criminals no matter how far away they are from the company that they had swindled.