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Join the Russell Apiaries Team as a Sub-Producer!

Want to produce queens, nucs, packages, or equipment?

You may qualify to become a sub-producer for Russell Apiaries!

In further promotion of helping beekeepers make the most out of their bees and developing more local markets, we are offering to extend a hand in to those interested in or already producing queens, nucs, packages or equipment. We can provide the stock and guide you all along the way. You get the assurance that you have 1 buyer that will purchase all of your products, so instead of worrying about advertising, customer service, and all of the overhead, you can just focuss on producing quality bee products.

Queen Sub-Producers

This program works hand-in-hand with our Acclimation Program.  There are low minimal requirements for joining, but there are location requirements that may pose issues for those that are in AHB territory.  If you can manage as few as 80 mating nucs, then you may qualify.  For standard frame nucs, we require the queens to remain in the nucs for a minimum of 21 days after planting.  Using this timeline, one can operate the nucs in a cycle of 20 nucs intitially stocked each week for 4 weeks.  Then cage and replant 20 queens per week after the stocking cyle is completed. 

For example,

 Group 1 = 20 nucs stocked on April 1st with hot cells, can be caged on April 22nd, May 13th, June 3rd, June 24th

 Group 2 = 20 nucs stocked on April 8th with hot cells, can be caged on April 29th, May 20th, June 10th, July 1st

 Group 3 = 20 nucs stocked on April 15th with hot cells, can be caged on May 6th, May 27th, June 17th, July 8th

 Group 4 = 20 nucs stocked on April 22nd with hot cells, can be caged on May 13th, June 3rd, June 24th, July 15th

We can provide the cells for each planting to keep the quality of queens at its highest.

The drone mothers and number of drone colonies will depend upon the particular situation.

Nuc Sub-Producers

The main reason that so few people produce nucs is the expense of queens and equipment. We can provide the queens and even the boxes and outer frames to get your nuc production off to a good start or simplify an already active operation. There are many different ways to produce nucs and everyone has their own methods for success. We will work with you to develop your methods and your nucs will be added to the inventory for pickup in your area when they are ready.

Package Sub-Producers

Our packages are reserved so far in advance that we can not offer them to the general public. We refer thousands of package orders to other producers across the country each season because of this.  Package production requires early queen production, and this keeps many from ever getting into the industry.  If you are currently producing packages or are wanting to get into the industry, we can help by helping you with the queens, equipment, instruction, and by creating a direct line between the public buyers and your packages. This will promote more local packages being produced, a means for you to profit from swarm control, and a direct market for areas that do not have package companies near by.