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SunKist (non-Cordovan) Breeder Queen


SunKist are the line that my father (JN Russell) has spent his entire life perfecting. They are of Italian origin, and have been selectively bred since 1951 for heavy laying, low swarming, honey production, distance of foraging, mite and disease resistance, gentleness, comb building, and early build up. They were created for his use as cell builders and for package production. They have been exclusively available to the commercial and university market up until last august, when I began releasing them to sideliners and hobbyists to help replenish their losses to shb. They produce a much higher than average number of bees per hive.... with swarm levels around 100-120k. The SunKist Cordovan was created in 1996 as a way to more easily locate the queen in a hive with so many bees. SunKist queens produce bees of 3 bands, 5 bands, black, grey, and amber.... The SunKist Cordovans produce bees of Black, Grey, 3 bands, 5 bands, and higher percentages of amber coloration...

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