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Fourway Mini Mating Nuc (Deep)


Mini nucs that take DEEP mini frames! This is the most flexible mini available. Each compartment holds 5 mini frames or 4 mini frames and a feeder. Mate 4 queens in each box. A special bottom board allows the whole box to be overwintered above a full sized colony with all of the nucs still stocked. Leave out the bottom board and use the box on a hive for drawing or protecting combs when not in use. Stack these boxes on top of one another to create 10 frame minis so that the top box acts as a super for winter. Dont forget to order a telescoping top and deep mini frames! See our Instructional page for details on how to use, manage, and care for your equipment! Ships Fully Assembled! (box in the picture has been coated in Honey Oak Penetrating Oil. Product is not pre-coated. Oil sold separately.)

Temporarily on Back-Order from the factory. Please expect a delay.

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